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Unfortunately the App is available only in Spanish right now. More languages are on the way.

Enjoy the mountains safely and at your own pace

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Finding the most suitable routes begins with knowing your level

Define your physical and technical levels as well as the degree of exposure you are comfortable with. This way, you'll know if the route is suitable for you and your group. Yes, we are also taking vertigo into account.

Dersu AppDersu App

Plan your routes

We love when a plan comes together

Dersu app

Discover the route's level, the most important waypoints, and the equipment needed.

Dersu app

Check the weather in the area and how it will affect your route.

Dersu app

Create a group and see if the plan suits everyone's level.


Choose the plan that best suits you


One route per month, see if you like it


Find routes created by professionals, improve and learn how to be safer in the mountain. One route per month, always free.

What is included:

  • Plan one route per month
  • Warning of critical points while you are on the route
  • Set your levels
  • Learn with the mountain library


No Limits

10€ the first year, give it all you've got!


Plan, invite and track as many routes as you want, the first year comes with a discount. And then 20€/year, which is not crazy either.

What is included:

  • Routes to infinity and beyond
  • Plan and participate as much as you want
  • Import routes like there's no tomorrow
  • Learn with the mountain library

Always gazing into the horizon...


Soon we will be launching a plan for those of you who want to develop your physical, technical and psychological skills. We are telling you all the news in the Newsletter, don't miss it.

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Unfortunately the App is available only in Spanish right now. More languages are on the way.

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Jornadas de seguridad en montaña

Julio/Agosto 2022

Jornadas gratuitas para la seguridad en montaña

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Alerts on route

Taking action on the ground

Be aware of the critical waypoints along your route and consult the tips that will help you make informed decisions.

Dersu App
Dersu App

Learn about mountain

Follow your own pace to gain autonomy and security

Articles, videos, training itineraries... At Dersu you will find plenty of ways to help you set off to the mountain and become more independent. If you so wish.

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