Work with Dersu

What is Dersu?

Dersu is a service focused on helping people having a lasting, healthy relationship with the mountains. We want to create a set of tools to help with self-assessment, progressive improvement, methodology, decision making and real time support of expeditions in the mountains. More information in the general work with Dersu page.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone to help us with our Flutter app.

The mobile app is the key to the relationship of our users with Dersu. From the mobile app our users can:

  • Plan expeditions looking up weather and nivology reports.
  • Create or be part of groups for the expeditions.
  • Receive real time support during expeditions (critical waypoint warnings, weather alerts, etc.).
  • Define their profile by setting their technical, physical and psychological levels.
  • And so much more to come : )

The current architecture is based on Bloc alongside other standard libraries from the Flutter ecosystem such as GetIt or Hive.

What do we offer?

Remote work as long as there is compatibility with GMT+1.

An initial freelance contract for ~€4.500/month, flexible schedule, focus on results and objectives calculated around a working week of 40 hours or less (we are open to part time contracts, 4 day weeks or similar).

Respect for people, their individualities and their right to a private life outside of work. A small team aiming to be diverse and inclusive.

If you are interested, want to know more or have any doubt please do not hesitate to reach out through

Thanks : )